What Outdoor Gear Can I Rent or List

 Campeez.com is a whole new way to think about your outdoor experience. We want to make enjoying all that this amazing world has to offer better for everyone. You can now go to one site to rent all of your supplies!

So first off let me explain a little how it works. Campeez.com is a website built for others. It is a place that anyone can sign up, create a listing and start renting their outdoor stuff. You can create your own rental business on this site. It literally only takes a couple minutes. Currently you are only charged a small percentage when you process a transaction. So go ahead play around, make a bunch of different listings to see what will rent and what will not. We will always be growing with you. The idea is to make it simple. We work for you, if you need some help editing your listings no problem, send an email and we will help you out! Need ideas, hit us up, we are here to help!

Become A Host

What can you list?

This site is for enjoying nature, and outdoor activities. If you try to rent out your washing machine 1 it will not rent, people are not looking for that stuff here. 2 we will delete it.  Right now we are growing this site for and with you so be creative. As long as it is family friendly and relative to outdoor experiences.

Some Ideas:

  1. RV’s this is obvious and a great one I recommend listing them fully set up, and a separate listing for customer pick up. But its all up to you!
  2. Tents Same recommendation as above.
  3. Camping equipment like stoves, ice chest, cots, etc all this stuff really adds up and there is a huge need for it.
  4. Boats everything from paddle boards to houseboats .
  5. Experiences this is a fun one! Are you an avid photographer with all the cool gear? Take a customer out with you teach them all about it and let them use some gear for the day, Know all the good trails in your area? Show some people around! Have fun with this it can quickly become a full time job!
  6. Professional Guide Services. List your services on Campeez.com for tons of great traffic!

This is your site. Let us know how we can make it better.

Thank you,

Team Campeez