The Share Economy

I want to talk a little today about what Campeez thinks the share economy is, and why we are so passionate about it. I am not going to attempt to make up some catchy or cool definition. Ill just get right into the reasons it matters.

Sharing is Caring

Do you remember the old days? Back when you didn’t talk to strangers. Would never consider getting in a car with a stranger, and no way in hell would you ever for any reason ever let a stranger sleep in your home! Remember how cold that felt? Walking into a hotel room feels about the same as walking into a morgue. Well at least how I think that would feel. Marriot can hang up all the cheap pictures and art in the world. but it will never make that room feel welcoming.

Then there is the new way (well actually it is the really old way). When I get to my VRBO or Airbnb house for the weekend. I feel home. I feel like it is alive, warm and welcoming. When i sit down in the Lyft there is a connection between the driver and me. It is fun it is exciting.

We All Win

My personal favorite part of the share economy is what it does for everyone in a community. When a place like Walmart comes to town their goal is to destroy every competitor and toke 100% of market share. Then they can hire all the people who’s business they crushed and pay them almost enough to not need welfare. Almost. This is the opposite of the share economy. Did you know that 50% of Amazons sales now are through its marketplace? Anyone can open a store on Amazon and start selling. Want a bigger example! Alibaba, amazons biggest competitor is 100% peer to peer. They own nothing just operate the platform. How is it working for them? Well the platform does about $17 billion dollars a day in sales! That is a lot of small businesses making a lot of money!

We were not designed to sit at a desk or in a factory all day. For generations this was a necessity. Now thanks to all the amazing advances in technology, humans are able to get back to enjoying life. And doing the type of jobs AI could never replace. The type of jobs that require care. Hospitality. Humanity.

Join The Movement Today

Next time you need to use a house, car, or now even camping gear, rent it from a person! You will be glad you did