The Perfect Daycation!

What is a “Daycation”? I think this listing pretty well defines it perfectly!

The Perfect Daycation

Our family, like everyones, gets a little busy sometimes. We talk about how fun it would be to go do this or that but a lot of the time the day to day hustle takes up the time. It is so hard to put together all the stuff. If you do actually find a few hours to kill you spend it all just trying to prepare everything you need for a trip. So then you just settle. Maybe go out to an expensive restaurant where the food is ok and you cant even talk to each other. Or maybe spend big money to go to a fancy resort for the day. Ya because being inside a big building with a bunch of other people board out of their minds is super relaxing! Im sure the kids will remember that for a long time!

Until we found this!

So let me just lay out how we take a Daycation now.

  1. Wake up Sat. morning around the crack of 9:00
  2. Make breakfast with the kids
  3. Throw some food for late lunch / early dinner in an ice chest
  4. Grab our board shorts and bikinis
  5. Drive to lake
  6. Spend all day having fun and making memories swimming, fishing, eating, even talking with our kids!
  7. Drive home and feel amazing for taking on another big week
  8. Tell stories to everyone I talk to about how friking great my weekend was.

Seriously the best money you could ever spend!

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