Set Up A Tent You Would Actually Want To Stay In

So we have probably all spent a night or two in a less than ideal situation. On a friends floor, in the back of a truck, jail, or a bad tent. Some of us all of the above! It sucks. There is nothing relaxing about camping in a tent with a deflated air mattress and a rock in your side.

Here is a few quick tips to make camping a lot better! For you or your guest.

Step one: Clear the area under your tent! Rocks and sticks do not make good bedding. Move them.

Next you are going to want to clean out your tent:IMG_3723

sweep out the inside before you start to bring stuff in.

Set up a carpet area in front of the tent:IMG_3729small piece of green carpet works great. This will keep you from tracking dirt and debris into your tent.

Set up your bed:IMG_3734

The tote I store the bedding in makes a great nightstand.

Make the bed area clean and cozy:IMG_3735

A Rug, coffee table and chairs make it a room:IMG_3745Again, use one of your totes as the coffee table. An ice chest will also work but make sure it wont leak and get your stuff wet!

Enjoy:tent entry

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