Ready To Get Started?

When you first decide to start renting out your gear it can be hard to figure out where to even start.

To make it better all of your friends, family, and customers will have lots of advice that you “have” to do. A lot of the time it starts to look like it will not be possible, and even if it is possible, not worth it!

I know this feeling well. When I decided to start renting out our RV for the first time it took almost 6 months before we ever took the first step. Then I would get busy with other stuff and make excuses as to why there was no time to take the pictures I needed, or whatever the next perceived road block was.

 Then finally, I did it. I rented it out for the weekend. The first booking was almost by accident! It just happened. The whole thing was one crazy disaster after another.

The rental was for a music event. Channel West Coast was booked to use my trailer as her back stage area at the event. I also rented 3 other trailers to supply the event with.

Here is a bullet point of the day:

  • We were supposed to start the day at 5:30 am to get set up. At 5:00 my helper and other driver called to say he had strep and could not make it.
  •  I went to hook up the first trailer and realized the lock was on wrong and had to be cut off (my neighbors love grinders at 5:15 am
  • Second trailer had a flat, and no spare
  • Dropped off final trailer and truck stopped moving. Transmission was done
  • The promoter did not get us power to the trailers for the AC until 3:00. It was 118 degrees in Phoenix and we were told to set up on the sunny side of the building
  • Trailer AC units could not keep up
  • None of the promotional items we were guaranteed happened
  • Concert ended with huge fight in crowd

After the concert my wife and I started pulling the trailers home with our second truck. We pulled the last one in the driveway at 6:30 am 25 hours after we had pulled it out. No sleep and tired.

But I realized one thing

We had done it! Our business was started and I was so excited. There is not one thing I would ever want to be different about that first rental. We learned so much.

Most important we learned to just go for it.

There will be some issues that come up, it will be challenging, nothing will go as planned but it will be fun and exciting. It is the start to a new business.

When you decide that it is finally time to do something different gather up some pictures of your gear, make a listing on Campeez and start telling people about it. Everything else you will figure out as you go.