Outdoor Adventures in the Fall

Boating season (Fall) is finally here. People have waited months for the heat of the summer to be over and now it is. So what is it about the fall that makes it the best time to spend some time on the water?

  • Daytime temps are still warm enough to feel good when you get out of the water.
  • Night time temps are just right for sitting around the camp fire in a hoodie
  • Water temps stay warm in the beginning of autumn so you can enjoy swimming.

So lets think about how to create an amazing fall lake trip! Even if you don’t own a boat. 

Step One: Get a boat.

Ok that sounds like a big deal, but really it is not at all. You can rent a kayak or even a SUP for under $100 per day. Clearly we recommend starting you search at WWW.CAMPEEZ.COM . You will even find host that will deliver your boat right to the lake. Wherever you decide to rent from we strongly encourage you to rent before you buy. This is a great way to figure out exactly the boat that will best fit your needs.

Step Two: Pack some food.

So now that the boat is squared away your going to need to eat! Now I like to eat A LOT. My family also follows a very specific food plan so I will not even attempt to make menu suggestions. We are all different. Do however remember that you will want to have as much energy as possible to fully enjoy the weekend so the healthier you can pack, the better.

If you are doing a day trip a good plan is to have breakfast at home. This saves a lot of time. You are not going to want to mess with cooking eggs when the water is shimmering calling you out to it!

For your lunch on the lake pack something that you can bring with you in the boat. I like to bring some fruit and snack type veggies carrots green beans etc. Just something that you can reach into the cooler and snack on. Lunch is a great time to find a beach to park on, have a picnic  and do a little exploring on foot.

Dinner can be the most fun. Most parks and lakes have picnic areas with BBQ grills and tables already set up. You just need to bring the charcoal and eating utensils. I also try to bring a few snap closed style dishes to bring home the leftovers.

 If you will be camping, that is a whole other blog that I will save for later! Just bring more food!

Step Three: Just go do it!

We all put so much effort into talking ourselves out of going. Making excuses and finding reasons not to go. Life is all about the memories and stories.

This year when the family is gathered around telling stories you could talk about that one time you almost went out and did something.


You can tell everyone about the new adventures you had. They will not all be perfect, you will forget things, Equipment will break, you might even do something silly. This is the stories we will always remember! Now get out and go live!

Happy Camping!