Making Money on Campeez

There is a bunch of information in all the Terms of Service Policies etc. they are all available for you to read.  One part though we want to make very simple to find and read, that is the part about how you get paid!

Ok so here is the very simple written by a user, not full of legal terms break down.

1. You create a listing

2. Someone books your listing

3. The person that books your listing (the “Guest”) is charged by Campeez.

4. The “Guest’s” money is held

5. Campeez takes a 15% transaction fee from every transaction to pay for processing, advertising, site maintenance, legal and all the other expenses involved.

6. After the day of the booking your funds will be available. You are able to request a transfer once per week.

7. Campeez will transfer you funds either into a PayPal account or directly into your account.

At this time Campeez is not charging a listing fee or any other fees to host. That will not last it is only a promo. So right now if you rent an RV to someone for $100 all we take is $15.