Jobs After Ai

There is no doubt that the jobs of the very near future will look a lot different than the jobs of the past.

With the new technology like AI, machine learning, and driverless cars millions of jobs will be changed. So many people will now have the ability to do work that matters. Work that is important, work that they love.

 If your job is in danger due to a computer replacing you, give that computer a big hug, because your job sucks! Machine learning is one of the greatest gifts humanity has seen in a long time. No more will humans have to do the tedious tasks like sending invoices, analyzing markets, transporting goods and so many other jobs that take up most of our time. Seth Godin wrote my all time favorite blog on this idea. It’s a quick read about 23 things AI can do better than us.

We will now be able to focus on doing the things that make us human. Like providing experiences, you can earn a living teaching people how to ski, and writing about skiing, even taking pictures of skiing. Or whatever your passion is. The abundance in our world gives us the ability to make a good life doing the things we care about. Sites like Airbnb, Campeez, and a few others give you the means to make money doing what you love.

 You old timers out there want to call us all lazy, say were entitled and dreamers. Well guess what, you worked at a shit job you hate, 60 hours per week all with the hope that some day you could retire and live the life we are all creating for ourselves right now. Oh lucky you, you retired with millions, and in the process became so unhealthy and depressed that you will spend all that on medication and health care.

You can now live that life right now. I know most people are not entrepreneurs. What I do believe though is everyone can be a freelancer. Even if you love your boss and being at the same place at the same time every day you can still be a freelancer. Find a way to create value to that company and be paid for that value. Do you love to bake? Start offering to bring lunch to the office for everyone. Before long you will be running a catering business. No robot will ever deliver a cupcake like the one you poured your heart into making. The asshole that called you a dreamer will gladly fork over that money he worked so hard for to buy something you enjoyed creating.

 Do you own some camping gear? Wouldn’t it be cool to get paid to go set it up for people? Go out to your favorite spot, set up a camp, visit with your guest for a few then go on with your day. The guest gets to experience something new and exciting, you get to make some money and spend more time in the woods!

When people ask what I do, to my wife’s dismay, I usually respond with “nothing” or “as little as possible” some kind of answer to let them judge me. Sure I spend a lot of my nights finding and fixing bugs in our code, just to spend the next day answering customer service calls and emails. Once a week she will have to tell me work time is over and I should probably have dinner. But I never have a job. I get excited in what I’m doing. Its fun. My work is to help more people get out and experience the outdoors, how could it not be fun? Our office is a boat floating at the lake. I have had to mute a conference call to land a big bass. This is living.

The future will be about creating experiences, making people happy, and living life!

What will you do?