Campeez Who And Why

My name is Jesse and I would like to tell you a little about about Campeez. Like who we are and why we do it.

I have spent a huge portion of my life in the outdoors. I grew up camping, fishing, hiking or any other reason I could find to get outside. I even used to tell my parents I was staying with a friend just to go out and camp in the hills. I love being in nature.
As I got older I got more and more into fishing. I even spent a few years doing it for a living. Then society pushed and told me that I had to grow up, I had to have a real job, stop being so irresponsible. So I did all of that. Got a job doing construction and worked long hours every day at a job I didn’t want. For 15 years. I was. miserable.

 My happy place always remained the outdoors.

Spending time in nature is what kept me going and excited. Inside of me a fire was starting to burn. It kept me up at night, I knew that so many people could benefit so greatly if they only knew the joys of things like going camping. There was also the reality that to go camping just wasn’t possible for so many people. There had to be a way to help.

I made a decision to find a way to help. I just did not know how, yet.

One day as my wife and son and I were getting ready for a camping trip it came to me. The two biggest problems with going camping are
1. buying all of the equipment it takes to go camping, setting it all up, then taking it all down. This all is a major pain!
2. What to do with all of your gear when it is sitting around collecting dust.

Where there is a problem there is a potential opportunity.

So it hit me.
What if people like me who own an RV and all of the equipment could rent it out to people who did not have it. We could even take it to there spot and set it all up for them. I was excited. It was perfect.

Then something happened.

I hade a once in a lifetime experience that will forever change me. We took my father in law camping. Now in my defense I initially said this was not the best idea ( maybe I even said terrible ) my loving wife agreed. Then told me that we were doing it anyway. At that moment I saw how selfish I was being. I said it was a bad idea because it was going to be hard and I was scared. I should also point out that a 60 year old that is half paralyzed and mad about it is not a great camp buddy. Or so I thought. I am an idiot! This man was glowing. I have never herd him say a positive word before. His favorite word this weekend “great” everything was great. The lake the weather, the food ( he really really never likes that healthy “crap”) it was amazing.
 He walked over a mile per day and on the second day he tells me, look at this, and lifted his left hand and made a fist. It did not work at all before this! In fact a couple months ago a doctor told us to find end of life care for him, he would never leave the hospital. Guess he was wrong! So now I finally see the big picture. This is why we are going to build this business. Not so college kids and families can camp.
It’s so humans can live the life we were meant to live! So people like my wife can take there dad camping.
Campeez is on a mission to make the outdoors fun and easy for every person. From to rent gear, to our Facebook group to share stories and advice. We are here to help!
Happy Camping To All!