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Welcome to Campeez!

 We are a group of like minded people who love the outdoors, and good times! Our purpose is to give more people a way to enjoy the outdoors. The articles found in this blog are written for that reason.

Some of the articles are to help you make a little extra money renting out your gear. Others are how to’s and where to’s. We just try to provide useful info to make your trip a little better.

You will quickly notice that most of the blogs are poorly written. This is because I write them and have less than zero training. My spelling and grammar are so bad spell check can’t help me. I even use bad words now and then.

I do have a passion for the outdoors though. More than that I have a passion for showing other people the outdoors. If any of this sounds like you, well you might just be Campeez material!

Happy Camping and please leave everything a little better than you found it!

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