Being A 5 Star Guest

How to Be the Perfect Campeez Guest


Renting On Campeez

Camping, boating, climbing and other outdoor recreation is a great way to get out and enjoy your life. But all the gear is expensive and time consuming to set up.

 Now thanks to the amazing host on you are able to rent gear right from other enthusiast. These people are willing to share the equipment they own, and usually love, so more people can enjoy the outdoors.

Of course, the flip side is that there’s a totally different set of expectations than a lot of people are used to. If you don’t follow a few simple guidelines the next trip you want to go on might have to start at the sporting goods store!

We want you to get out and try as many fun activities as you can think of, without breaking the bank. It’s why we started Campeez so we’ve put together a guide to being the perfect guest.



Talk to your host. Before you even book the trip ask some questions. If you have any particular expectations let them know. Our host are great at catering to different needs but they have to know your needs. Also go over everything when you arrive to start the trip. This is the time to go over everything one last time. It is also important to be sure you understand how to use the gear you are renting. The more you talk with the host, the better your experience will be! (You might even talk your way into an upgrade)

Ski Rental

Treat It Better Than If It Was Yours

Campeez is a peer to peer site. This means that the gear you are borrowing belongs to a person. They are usually only renting it out because they are passionate about the sport and want to share with the world. If you abuse the equipment it is not some big corporation paying for it. On the same lines, we all understand that regular use is hard on stuff. We use our gear, stuff breaks, this goes back to communication. Just let the host know.


Leave No Trace

This one is most important. First of all is the obvious. Return all gear in the same or better condition than you found it.

Even more important is to remember you are also a guest of mother nature. This worls is the best one we have. Imagine how much better it could be if every person picked up one extra piece of garbage after a camping trip! It is a long tradition in my family to spend the last hour of every trip picking up garbage. Not just ours, but anything the person before us left on accident. I have tried to take care of the earth and have been rewarded for it 100x over.

You will be amazed at what being a great guest can do for your trips

Happy Camping,