A Perfect Vacation

 What is your perfect getaway? When you need a disconnect from your day to day how do you imagine it?

Well if you are anything like me it changes every time I think about it. Some times it is sitting on a beach. Some days I want to boat from L.A. down around the Panama canal. Even going to Cuba has been at the front of my mind once or twice. Currently I am interested in all the local activities right by our house. It is interesting to me that as we are flying off to a new spot, there is a plane full of people passing us to see all the cool stuff in our back yard.

So, I am going to imagine I just flew into Arizona for a week long vacation.

 First step is where to stay?

I love the water so I will always want to stay near it or on it. Canyon Lake is one of the most scenic places in Arizona, possibly the world. It is near so many other great activities that I feel like it will be the perfect spot. For this trip I will have home base be a houseboat. We have done house boat vacations to Lake Powell, but for this vacation it is going to be a little different. We are not going to drive the boat around the lake, just use it as a home.

Day 1

Get all settled into the house boat and spend a little time unwinding. Were all going to be 2 things, hungry and excited. This is a perfect time to take a dinner tour on The Dolly Steamboat . A great way to get to see the lake and some dinner at the same time.

After the cruise it is time to relax a little on the houseboat. Do some night fishing, play boardgames, or just sit around the gas fire on the dock telling stories. I have never seen a better way to reconnect with the kids than sitting around a fire.

Day 2

Why is it we go on vacations just to rush through them? Slow down a little. Enjoy the day. I love being able to wake up and fish while my coffee brews, while sitting next to my wife who is still snuggled in the bed. Cooking is a major event in my family. We work together to make some pretty amazing meals. The morning is spent half lounging around the boat, half cooking. Potatos and eggs on the grill and about 10 other side items my wife has made for us!

Right down the road from Canyon Lake is Goldfield Ghost Town The rest of the day we spend looking through the shops, watching the gun fight shows, and learning about the history of Arizona. Oh and taking a ton of  pictures along the drive. No place on earth has views like the Superstition Mountains. The Mammoth Steakhouse in Goldfield is the spot for a late lunch / early dinner. Driving back to the lake at sunset gets a few thousand more pictures of the mountain range.

Day 3

Every morning is spent about the same so I wont go through the steps again. Most important for us is just to relax and let everyone do the morning at their own pace. Getting frustrated with the teenagers for sleeping in will not make anyones vacation better! Chill out man!

To explore more of the Superstitions, and attempt to find The Lost Dutchman’s Mine we rent a couple RZR’s to drive around. There is a ton of dirt roads and trails to explore.

The Evenings are all pretty similar as well. But tonight we have a cookout on the boat! There is a BBQ grill set up on the dock and by now we know all of the other houseboat neighbors on the dock so it is one big cook out! This is the plan for the rest of the trip!

Day 4

This is no plans day! We all just freestyle it. The kids play in the lake, we eat at the boat, maybe even a nap. Just do whatever, we’re  at a lake on a houseboat, live the Campeez life! Oh and maybe run into town for a few groceries.

Day 5

Man day 4 was awesome, but we didn’t finish! So lets do that again! With one exception. We rent a couple kayaks to play around with.

Day 6

One final big day. Were going to have a little fun out on the water today! We rent a wakeboard boat from the same Host ,Travis, that had the RZR’s. The kids have a blast riding the tube around and we get to see even more of this beautiful lake.

One more big cookout with the neighbors and its time to start packing.

Day 7

Pack up and head home with thousands of amazing memories and pictures!

We will be back again real soon!